Hello! I'm Solomon.

I am a Vancouver-based UX/UI Designer, with years of professional experience in the automotive industry. This enabled me to develop a solid empathic foundation for users from a customer service lens. My preference leans toward the human-centred design process as I naturally advocate for the user while keeping a business' goals in mind. I am passionate about the future of accessibility and inclusive design in the dynamic AR and VR landscape. 

UX/UI Design | Case Study


Rescu is an iOS app that connects potential dog owners with great rescue dogs from around the world. 

Team Lead, UX/UI Design | Hackathon

Shopify Hackathon

A 24-hour hackathon with Shopify, solving how to leverage its ecosystem to make entrepreneurship more accessible than ever before.

Coming Soon

UX Audit | Heuristic Evaluation

Dank Mart

A heuristic evaluation of the website for popular rare snacks bodega established locally in Vancouver, BC.